10 Wii U Exclusives We Want Ported To Switch

Come To Switch!

Nearly a year after the Switch’s release, we’ve received a handful of ports for some of Nintendo’s best Wii U games, like Mario Kart 8, Pokken Tournament, and Lego City Undercover. And with the recent release of Bayonetta 1 + 2, Hyrule Warriors, and the confirmation of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, the ports keep coming. But all of this has got us thinking about what other Wii U games we want to see make a comeback–especially those of us who never owned a Wii U.

After all, it would be a shame for past big-name exclusives like Xenoblade Chronicles X and Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker to remain landlocked on a system Nintendo is quickly phasing out. Not to mention that Switch also makes for a wonderful multiplayer console, even on the go. The thought of playing Super Mario 3D World or Super Smash Bros. at the drop of a hat is a reality we would love to be a part of; one we hope Nintendo is planning to make possible.

Considering Nintendo only has control over its own properties, we narrowed down the list of Wii U games we want to see on Switch to first-party published games only. But you never know: Nintendo has a lot of sway at the moment with the success of Switch, and a publisher or studio need only look at Switch sales numbers .

If you had the chance to pitch any Wii U game to Nintendo for a Switch revival, what would you choose? Take a look at our picks, and let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

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The Wonderful 101

“With The Wonderful 101, game director Hideki Kamiya has made a game featuring a stumpy posse of cartoon heroes, with the stylish combo strings of Bayonetta, and the bouncy, vibrant style of Viewtiful Joe. This is an ambitious, funny, and inventive game that’s keen to impress but slightly scrappy in its presentation, packed with ideas but is slightly confused about how to express all its abundant creativity. This might not be the Wii U’s killer app, but it’s a much-needed shot in the arm.” – Martin Gaston, 8/10

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Star Fox Zero

“By the end of my first playthrough, I was eager to go back and retry old levels, in part because I wanted to put my newfound skills to the test, but also because Zero’s campaign features branching paths that lead to new locations. Identifying how to open these alternate paths requires keen awareness of your surroundings during certain levels, which becomes easier to manage after you come to grips with Zero’s controls. My second run was more enjoyable than the first, and solidified my appreciation for the game. While I don’t like the new control scheme, it’s a small price to pay to hop into the seat of an Arwing. Though I feel like I’ve seen most of this adventure before, Zero is a good-looking homage with some new locations to find and challenges to overcome. It doesn’t supplant Star Fox 64, but it does its legacy justice.” – Peter Brown, 7/10

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Super Mario Maker

“The first time I discovered that not only could I make a giant, flame-spewing piranha plant, but I could also make it fly, I cackled with horrible glee at the possibilities. And for the first time in a creation-focused experience, I look forward to returning again and again for more than just the amazing levels I know other people will create. I want to keep making my own levels better. The game won’t necessarily turn you into the next Shigeru Miyamoto, but you can almost feel a little bit of that magic rubbing off every time you upload a new creation.” – Justin Haywald, 9/10

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Super Mario 3D World

“Sure, co-op play is hardly a game changer, but when so much of 3D World is so successfully built upon a bevy of brilliant ideas, this can be forgiven. Everything that you can see and do within its enchanting levels is so bright, colourful, and full of wonder that it’s impossible not to be taken in by its charms. Mario has always had that uncanny ability to cross the boundaries of age and gender, to bring a smile to the face of every player who crosses his path. Super Mario 3D World is no different. This is a dazzlingly inventive game that brings the fun in spades, and will leave you grinning like a loon from start to finish.” – Mark Walton, 9/10

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Super Smash Bros.

“Between the Masterpiece Collections, which are short demos of the classic games that inspired Smash Bros., the many fighters and stages, the deep character customization for fine-tuning your fighters to suit your play style, and the extensive screenshot editing tools, there’s just so much to do. With the Wii U release, Smash Bros. has fully realized its goals. There’s something here for nearly everyone–from young to old, from novice to expert–presented almost without compromise. Super Smash Bros. Wii U invites everyone to join in its undiluted, joyous celebration of the broad community that Nintendo has built over the past forty years.” – Daniel Starkey, 9/10

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Pikmin 3

“Pikmin 3 doesn’t offer much growth from previous games in the series, and actually takes a step backward in some areas. But there’s no shame in falling just short of the classic offerings that came before it. Scouring the environment for all of the hidden goodies is eminently enjoyable because of the clever problem solving you have to employ, and the competitive mode should test the strength of any friendship. There’s nothing quite like Pikmin out there, and its delightful combination of survival strategy and unflinching cuteness should entertain you throughout this lengthy adventure.” – Tom Mc Shea, 8/10

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Xenoblade Chronicles X

“Mira and its inhabitants are awe-inspiring, and experiencing everything X has to offer is a monumental and rewarding task. It makes the journey consistently interesting by giving you intricate control over your characters’ abilities and gear, and by offering a wealth of new toys to play with as time goes on. You will roll your eyes at characters, and bemoan the unnecessary story padding, but these frustrations are quickly forgotten when you head into the wilderness in search of unexplored territory and unforeseen challenges. X is a grand adventure that satiates your appetite for exploration and combat in ways that few games ever do, but because getting started is half the battle, it’s an experience reserved for dedicated players who have the patience and energy to unearth its greatest treasures.” – Peter Brown, 8/10

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The Legend of Zelda HD Collection (Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD)

Wind Waker: “The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is a loving restoration of a bold and beautiful adventure, with Nintendo shifting some elements of the original game’s aesthetic, and streamlining the pace where it had occasionally sagged. The Wind Waker is a game about a young hero saving the world from the past actions of old men, but its HD update reaffirms that Nintendo’s most colorful Zelda game remains timeless.” – Martin Gaston, 8/10

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Twilight Princess: “Twilight Princess HD is unmistakably a product of its time; one that was cursed from birth with a warped identity. Crafted during anxious times for Nintendo, developed for two consoles simultaneously, this was the GameCube’s last hurrah, a Wii launch title, and a defining test for motion controls (which have been stripped out). Perhaps now, ten years later, it can finally be remembered how it ought to be; the dark and violent showpiece of a treasured series.” – Rob Crossley, 9/10

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Tokyo Mirage Sessions #Fe is gorgeous, fun, and a smart collaboration all around. Backtracking through dungeons and running up against tedious bosses can bring the momentum down, but overall the game is something worth exploring. After a few dozen hours the semi-ludicrous story and systems set in front of you feel so comfortable together that this mashup of developer Atlus’ most popular franchise and Intelligent Systems’ beloved strategy RPG seems like it was destined to be.” – Alexa Ray Corriea, 8/10

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Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker

“From goombas in swim rings that flap their little feet underwater, to the tiny birds that land on Toad’s head when he’s idly wasting time, Treasure Tracker has a lighthearted and lovable presentation. It has the right mix of atmosphere and challenging puzzles to keep you engaged, and it’s a great experiment within the larger Mario universe. It may have started out as a minigame, but with its original take on the Toad character and a large number of enjoyably tricky puzzles, it’s great to see it in the spotlight it so truly deserves.” – Peter Brown, 8/10

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