University of Texas Massacre (1966)

On August 1, 1966, University of Texas student and former Marine Charles Whitman stabbed his mother and wife to death. He then took an array of firearms to his university’s 307-foot (94-m) clock tower. There, he shot and killed more than a dozen people and wounded at least 30 others before police killed him. In his writings, Whitman expressed regret and confusion over his actions and asked that an autopsy be performed to determine what had caused his behavior. What did the autopsy find? Discuss
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Possibly one of the four great pagan festivals of Britain, Lammas was known as the Gule of August in the Middle Ages. In medieval England, loaves made from the first ripe grain were blessed in the church on this day—the word lammas being a short form of “loaf mass.” Lammas Day is similar in original intent to the Jewish Feast of Weeks, also called Shavuot or Pentecost, which came at the end of the Passover grain harvest. A 15th-century suggestion was that the name derived from “lamb” and “mass,” and was the time when a feudal tribute of lambs was paid. Discuss
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Maria Mitchell (1818)

The daughter of an amateur astronomer, Mitchell spent her formative years learning to observe the heavens. When she was 29, she discovered a comet. For her achievement, she was awarded a gold medal by the king of Denmark. Her reputation as an astronomer thus secured, she soon became the first woman elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and, thereafter, to the American Association for the Advancement of Science. To which of America’s Founding Fathers was Mitchell distantly related? Discuss
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imminent, immanent – Imminent is "about to happen" and immanent is "inherent" or "pervading the material world." More…

intrinsic – Latin intrinsecus, "on the inside," came to be the English intrinsic, "inner, internal" and "inherent." More…

proper – First meant "inherent, intrinsic." More…

innate, inherent – The word innate means "inborn" and should apply to living things; inherent is "essential, intrinsic" and applies best to nonliving things like ideas. More…

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