The Taman Shud Case: Mystery Man Found Dead on Somerton Beach (1948)

On the night of November 30, 1948, passersby on Australia’s Somerton Beach saw a man they believed to be drunk or sleeping. The next day, the mystery man was determined to be dead, which opened the still unsolved Taman Shud Case. The dead man has never been identified. Though investigators promptly searched the body and found normal things like chewing gum in the mystery man’s pocket, something strange was later found, taking the case in a new—but equally elusive—direction. What was it? Discuss
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Natchitoches Christmas Festival

Natchitoches is home to one of the oldest community-based holiday celebrations in the country. Since 1927, both townspeople and visitors have made this festival a fixture in their holiday routine. The Festival of Lights, held the weekend before Thanksgiving, opens the season; however, the Christmas Festival is the premier event of the festival season. It is observed with a parade, an assortment of river bank booths, arts and crafts, and a traditional fireworks show over Cane River Lake. The festivities continue up until the New Year’s Eve celebration. Discuss
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Alexandra of Denmark (1844)

Though she was of royal blood, Princess Alexandra had a relatively normal upbringing. It was not until after she wed Prince Albert Edward of Wales in 1863 that her father, Christian IX, was crowned king of Denmark, and she did not ascend to the station of queen consort until many years after that. As queen, she devoted herself to charitable works and was beloved by the British public. She was held in such high regard, in fact, that society women adopted what physical impediment of hers? Discuss
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fungo – A baseball drill in which a batter tosses a ball in the air and hits it as it descends, probably from Scottish fung, "to pitch, toss, fling." More…

jactitating, jactitation, jactation – If you toss and turn at night, you are jactitating; jactitation or jactation is restless tossing or twitching. More…

saute – A form of French sauter, it means "to leap or cause to toss." More…

walk – First meant "roll," "toss," or "move about; go"—from Old English wealcan, "to roll." More…

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