lect – A regional or social variety within a language, a form of speech defined by a homogenous set of rules. More…

precisian – An overly precise person, a strict observer of rules and procedures. More…

ring – Boxing started off in circles, and when the Marquess of Queensbury introduced a set of rules in 1867, he also introduced the roped-off square, which continued to be called the "ring." More…

mistress – First meant "a woman who rules or has control," or a "woman who employs others, as servants." More…

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A goiter is an enlargement of the thyroid gland that can lead to a prominent swelling in the front of the neck—sometimes nearly doubling its size. While the thyroid normally weighs 0.5 to 0.9 oz (15 to 25 g), goitrous thyroid glands can grow to more than 2 lb (1,000 g) and may interfere with breathing and swallowing and cause a choking feeling. A goiter can be caused by underproduction or overproduction of hormones, but endemic goiter, the most common type, results from a deficiency of what? Discuss
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Definition: (adjective) Extending or lying across; in a crosswise direction; at right angles to the long axis.
Synonyms: cross, thwartwise.
Usage: The transversal beams of the building's frame were to be made of steel, not wood.
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Festival of the Cow

The Fiesta de la Vaca takes place in the village of San Pablo de los Montes, in the Spanish province of Toledo, on St. Paul’s Day. While the religious procession and mass for the feast of San Pablo are going on, a group of young men form a counter-procession in the opposite direction. One of them plays the role of the cow, La Vaca, while another is dressed as Mother Sow, Madre Cochina. A third is dressed as a shepherd, and there are others ringing cow bells. Every time the group passes the image of the saint, they call out, “Here goes the cow!” Discuss
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