The Battle of Carrhae

Fought in 53 BCE, the Battle of Carrhae stopped the Roman invasion of Parthian Mesopotamia. The Romans were led by Marcus Licinius Crassus, who wanted a victory to balance those of his fellow triumvirs Pompey and Julius Caesar. With seven legions—about 44,000 men—but little cavalry, he was defeated in the desert by 10,000 mounted Parthian archers and was killed. His death gave impetus to Caesar’s quest for power. The defeat also damaged Roman prestige, especially because of the capture of what?
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Definition: (verb) Hide under a false appearance.
Synonyms: cloak, mask.
Usage: So artfully can this people dissemble their sentiments that we had not been able hitherto to distinguish our real from our pretended favorers. Continue reading “dissemble”