Farhud Begins (1941)

During the Farhud, the pogrom carried out against the Jewish population of Baghdad after the fall of the short-lived pro-Nazi government of Rashid Ali, rioters killed about 200 Jews and injured hundreds more. It took place during the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, and, according to some, marked a turning point for Iraq’s 150,000 Jews, who were thereafter targeted for persecution. Jews had lived in Iraq since about 600 BCE, but by 1951, 80% had left. How many Jews are thought to live in Baghdad now? Discuss
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Billy Bowlegs Festival

The oldest and one of the biggest festivals in northwest Florida is held in Fort Walton Beach to commemorate the pirate William Augustus Bowles, also known as Capt. Billy Bowlegs. Activities begin with fireworks on Friday night. The following day, the pirate captain and his red-kerchiefed “krewe” members storm the city from the pirate ship Blackhawk. As events move on there are musical concerts, a treasure hunt, arts and crafts, numerous food vendors, and sports events that include a midnight run. Discuss
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John Marshall Harlan (1833)

After commanding a Union regiment in the American Civil War, Harlan served as a state attorney general before being appointed to the Supreme Court by President Rutherford B. Hayes in 1877. During his tenure, which lasted until his death in 1911, he became the court’s outstanding liberal justice and one of the most forceful dissenters in its history. His best-known dissenting opinion came in Plessy v. Ferguson, in which the Supreme Court established what infamous doctrine? Discuss
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alms – Goes back to Greek eleemosune, "compassion, pity," and eleos, "mercy." More…

bemoan, lament – Bemoaning is motivated when pity or grief is over an event that is joined to a consequence, whereas lamenting is motivated when the grief is over the event itself. More…

pity, piety – Pity and piety shared the meanings "compassion" and "dutifulness, reverence" for a while. More…

ruth, ruthless, ruthful – Ruth, meaning "compassion, pity," is part of ruthless and ruthful. More…

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