General Tso

Known in the West as General Tso, Zuo Zongtang was a Qing dynasty general who launched his political career by helping suppress the Taiping Rebellion. In the debate among Chinese officials about whether the coast or inland frontier was more vulnerable to attack, Zuo argued that Western interests were commercial in nature and could be contained diplomatically but that Russia’s ambitions were territorial and warranted solid frontier defense. How did a popular chicken dish come to be named for him? Discuss
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Definition: (verb) Challenge the accuracy, probity, or propriety of.
Synonyms: question.
Usage: Given your history of rumor-mongering, I am inclined to oppugn your claims in this matter.
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Bo Diddley (1928)

Diddley was a pioneering African-American rock-and-roll singer, guitarist, and songwriter. He was known for his pounding signature beat, guitar effects, and jive talk, and he was a powerful influence on generations of rockers, including Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, and the Rolling Stones. Nicknamed after the single-stringed folk instrument called a diddley bow, he studied the violin at his Baptist Church in Chicago and began performing in South Side clubs, playing what unique type of guitar? Discuss
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The Bone-Eating Snot Flower

Osedax is a genus of polychaete—sea worm—that feeds on the bones of whale carcasses. Possessing neither stomachs nor mouths, members of the Osedax genus rely on symbiotic species of bacteria to digest whale fat and oils and to release nutrients that they can absorb through unusual root-like structures. One species is known as the “bone-eating snot flower” after its scientific name, Osedax mucofloris. When were these strange creatures first discovered? Discuss
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