Yellowstone National Park Established (1872)

Before Ferdinand Hayden’s extensive geological exploration of the Yellowstone area in 1871, many doubted the stories of prior European explorers describing a remarkable landscape dotted with geysers and boiling springs. Paintings and photographs from Hayden’s expedition helped convince Congress to make Yellowstone the US’s first national park, and it now draws millions of visitors each year. Why do park officials refrain from extinguishing wildfires that pose no immediate threat to human life? Discuss
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On this day, young people go to hills in the countryside throughout Luxembourg to build bonfires to celebrate the sun and to mark winter’s end. Though this custom can be traced to pre-Christian times, in modern times it is associated with Lent. Discuss
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Alton Glenn Miller (1904)

Miller was an American jazz trombonist and bandleader. He worked as a freelance musician in New York City before forming his own big band in 1938. It soon became one of swing’s most popular groups, known for hits such as “In the Mood” and “Moonlight Serenade.” During WWII, he joined the military and led the US Air Force band. In 1944, while flying from England to Paris, his plane disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and Miller was never found. What are the theories about what happened? Discuss
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Vladimir Solovyov

Solovyov was a Russian writer who played a significant role in the development of Russian religious philosophy and poetry at the end of the 19th century. He believed that religious sects should, at the expense of individualism, pursue common ground and unity, and he was condemned for his “heretical” teachings about the entity Sophia, the incarnation of divine wisdom. Despite his intellectual achievements, he is said to have died a homeless pauper. What celebrated writer was his close friend? Discuss
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