Ethiopia Victory of Adwa Commemoration Day

Ethiopia is an African country that successfully shook off European domination for centuries. One pivotal moment of resistance was the Ethiopian army’s historic victory, led by Emperor Menelik II, over invading Italian troops in the Battle of Adwa, a two-day battle that ended on March 2. Festivities take place on its anniversary throughout the country, with official ceremonies in the capital, Addis Ababa, and Adwa, the market town located near the battle site. People will also leave wreaths at the Menelik Monument, which commemorates the victory led by the Ethiopian emperor. Discuss
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The Year of the Elephant

In Islamic tradition, the Year of the Elephant is the year Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, was born. Its name is derived from an event that is said to have occurred that year in Mecca, Muhammad’s birthplace. Abraha, the Christian ruler of a neighboring principality, marched upon the Kaaba—what would become the most sacred site in Islam—with a large army. At the border of Mecca, Abraha’s elephant is said to have sat down and refused to go any farther. Why did Abraha want to attack the Kaaba? Discuss
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Definition: (noun) The termination or disintegration of a relationship (between persons or nations).
Synonyms: dissolution.
Usage: The breakup of the Soviet Union had long-term consequences for international politics.
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