Definition: (adjective) Having lost freshness or brilliance of color.
Synonyms: bleached, faded.
Usage: Michael is finally buying new jeans to replace that torn, washed-out pair he has been wearing for years.
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Pascua Florida Day

Although no one knows for certain the date on which Ponce de León landed at Florida in 1513, it is widely believed that he first stepped ashore on April 2. He named the land Pascua Florida because it was Eastertime. Pascua is a Spanish word meaning “Easter,” and Florida means “flowering” or “full of flowers.” The Florida state legislature designated April 2 Florida State Day in 1953. The week ending on April 2 is known as Pascua Florida Week, a time when people are encouraged to attend special programs devoted to the area’s discovery and history. Discuss
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The Gourd

Though the gourd family technically includes cucumbers and watermelons, the name “gourd” is usually applied to fruits with hard, durable shells, such as squash and pumpkins. Colorful and oddly shaped gourds are picked for ornamental use, while others are hollowed out for use as instruments, cooking utensils, lamps, containers, and countless other purposes. For this reason, they are sometimes referred to as “nature’s pottery.” In ancient surgery, gourds had what unusual and important use? Discuss
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Definition: (noun) (Informal) A person who talks constantly, especially about trivial matters.
Synonyms: babbler, prater, spouter, magpie.
Usage: That abominable chatterbox, Evgenie Pavlovitch, monopolizes the whole of the conversation.
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