The Thrilla in Manila (1975)

Frequently rated among the greatest boxing matches of all time, the Thrilla in Manila saw world heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali meet rival Joe Frazier for the third—and final—time. Leading up to the match, Ali had publicly taunted Frazier, calling him a “gorilla.” Because many believed Frazier to be past his prime, Ali—though older—was expected to win. However, the fight went on for 14 brutal rounds in the sweltering Manila heat, and neither man was able to knock out the other. Who won? Discuss
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Mid-Autumn Festival (Singapore)

The Mid-Autumn Festival, sometimes known as the Mooncake Festival, is observed by Chinese communities around the world. The cakes are often sold along with lanterns and are filled with either a sweet bean paste or with melon and lotus seeds, and may be flavored with orange peels, egg yolks, or other spices. On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, children all over Singapore have parades so they can show off their lighted lanterns. There are also lantern-making contests, Chinese costume-making competitions, lion and dragon dances, and concerts. Discuss
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Vladimir Samoylovich Horowitz (1903)

A Russian-American virtuoso pianist, Horowitz made his debut in Russia at 17. Within years, he was touring internationally, with much success. He eventually settled in the US, where his extraordinary technical virtuosity made him one of the most popular pianists of his time. Always susceptible to nervous strain, in 1953 he decided to quit performing publicly. He returned to the stage in 1965 and occasionally thereafter until his death. Why did Horowitz’s father lie about his son’s birthday? Discuss
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fondue – Comes from French fondre, "to melt." More…

relent, resolve – Relent and resolve originally meant "melt, dissolve" in literal (under the influence of heat) and figurative senses. More…

eliquate – To melt or liquefy. More…

clarify – To make clear by removing impurities or solid matter, as by heating gently; to purify butter by melting. More…

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