Definition: (verb) Make subservient; force to submit or subdue.
Synonyms: subject.
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Definition: (verb) Reflect deeply on a subject.
Synonyms: mull, muse, ponder, think over, excogitate, ruminate, speculate, contemplate.
Usage: I will meditate on the problem and see if I can come up with a solution.
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Leiden University Library Opens in the Netherlands (1587)

The city of Leiden played a prominent role in the revolt that would create an independent Dutch nation. In 1575—a year after Leiden had survived a siege by the Spanish—Prince William the Silent founded a university in the city. Today, Leiden University is the oldest in the Netherlands. Its library, once housed in a single room, is now home to a monumental collection of books, manuscripts, maps, and letters—some of which are centuries old and very rare. What was the library’s first book? Discuss
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For Buddhists, the period from the full moon day of the 11th lunar month until the full moon day of the 12th lunar month marks the end of Vassa and the beginning of the Kathin, or pilgrimage season. This is a time when Buddhists make pilgrimages to various temples, bringing food and gifts—particularly new robes—to the monks. In Myanmar, Thadingyut is the day on which the Buddha completed his preaching of the Abhidhamma, or “philosophy.” In Laos, it is called Boun Ok Vatsa, or the Festival of the Waters, as it is a popular time for pirogue (canoe) races. Discuss
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John Evelyn (1620)

From 1631 until his death in 1706, Evelyn kept a diary that is today an invaluable source of information on 17th-century British social, cultural, and political life. He corresponded frequently with Samuel Pepys, another now-famous diarist of the time. Living as a wealthy country gentleman in Deptford, he wrote about 30 books on various subjects including reforestation, vegetarianism, and numismatics. In 1661, he wrote the Fumifugium, believed to be the first book written on what topic? Discuss
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