St. Bridget’s Day

St. Bridget (or Brigid, or Bride) is the female patron saint of Ireland. Her feast day, February 1, was traditionally the first day of spring in rural Ireland because it marked the start of the agricultural season. It was customary on the eve of the saint’s day for the oldest daughter of the family to bring a bundle of rushes to the door. Playing the role of St. Bridget, she would distribute the rushes among the family members, who would make crosses from them and, after the crosses were sprinkled with holy water, hang them throughout the house. Discuss
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Johannes Trithemius (1462)

In 1482, 20-year-old scholar Johannes Trithemius was traveling home from university when a snowstorm forced him to take refuge in the Benedictine abbey at Sponheim, Germany. He decided to stay and was soon elected abbot, whereupon he began transforming the abbey into a place of serious study. Allegations of occultism in his writings led to his resignation, but some of those volumes that were once assumed to be about magic have since been deciphered and are now known to deal with what subject? Discuss
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