Sati is an Indian funerary practice in which a widow immolates herself on her husband’s funeral pyre. Though its stated purpose is to purge the sins of the couple and ensure their reunion in the afterlife, the practice has been encouraged by the low status of widowhood. Practiced since the 4th century BCE, sati became widespread in India in the 17th and 18th centuries, and not all instances were voluntary. Today, it occurs rarely, and mostly in remote areas. When was the practice outlawed?
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Premature Burial

In the late 1800s, fears of being mistakenly assumed dead and accidentally buried alive led to the invention of “safety coffins.” To avoid such a fate, US President George Washington requested on his deathbed that his burial be delayed to ensure that he had truly died. Premature burial can also be intentional. Saint Oran was buried alive as a human sacrifice in Scotland in the 6th century. Later, he was dug up and found to be alive, but he was supposedly hurriedly reburied after saying what? Discuss
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Crowns of Silla

Established in 57 BCE, the ancient Korean kingdom of Silla lasted for more than a millennium. The nearly impenetrable royal Sillan tombs—located near the modern South Korean city of Gyeongju—have yielded lavish treasures. Among them are a number of fragile, solid gold crowns, crafted with an intricate tree branch motif. Because they are so delicate, they were probably used only for formal occasions or burials. Why did the Sillan practice of opulent burials end by the end of the 6th century?
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Natalie Wood Drowns (1981)

At the age of 43, actress Natalie Wood, who first won acclaim as a child for her role in Miracle on 34th Street and went on to become a successful film star, drowned after apparently falling overboard following a night of drinking on her yacht. Though the death was ruled an accident, a woman on a nearby boat reported hearing cries for help that night. Wood had been spending a holiday weekend aboard the yacht with her husband, actor Robert Wagner. Who else was aboard the yacht that night? Discuss
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