Agatha Christie’s

When The Mousetrap opened in London, Christie, a legendary mystery author, predicted her play would run for just eight months. However, its initial run never ended, and it is now the longest-running play in the world. The murder mystery has been performed more than 24,000 times and is a popular tourist attraction. At the end of each performance, the audience is asked not to reveal the play’s notorious twist ending. Who owns the rights to the play, and how did he get them? Discuss
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Lee Harvey Oswald Murdered by Jack Ruby on Live Television (1963)

Hours after US President John F. Kennedy was assassinated during a Dallas parade, Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested. After two days of interrogations, Oswald was being led through the basement of the Dallas Police Headquarters to be transferred to a county jail when Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby stepped out of the crowd and shot him. Millions of people saw the incident on live television. Despite attempts to link Ruby to some conspiracy, he appears to have acted alone. Where did Oswald die? Discuss
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The People’s Republic of China Joins the UN Security Council (1971)

The 1949 Communist takeover of mainland China created the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The former government, known as the Republic of China (ROC), retained control only of Taiwan and outlying islands. However, for the next 22 years, the ROC also held onto its seat in the UN, representing the mainland it no longer controlled. UN Resolution 2758 finally transferred China’s seat to representatives of the PRC. Since then, the ROC has repeatedly applied to rejoin the UN under what names? Discuss
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Rebecca Latimer Felton Becomes the First Female US Senator (1922)

Georgia Governor Thomas Hardwick unsuccessfully fought the 19th Amendment, which allowed women to vote—and to vote against him in retaliation when he ran for US Senate. Before the election, he tried to appease female voters by naming Felton, an 87-year-old suffragist and white supremacist, to be Georgia’s interim senator for the shortest term in history—one day. Felton thus became the first woman, one of the last former slave-owners, and the oldest freshman to serve. Did Hardwick’s ploy work? Discuss
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Microsoft Windows 1.0 Is Released (1985)

Though Microsoft announced its new operating system in the fall of 1983, it was not ready for release until two years later, and the long delay led critics to label the product “vaporware.” Even after Windows 1.0 finally hit the market, it was not particularly popular. Still, Windows was more user-friendly than the spare MS-DOS upon which it was built, and it allowed users to multitask. Two years later, it was superseded by Windows 2.0. When did Microsoft finally stop supporting Windows 1.0? Discuss
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