Definition: (noun) (Informal) A person who talks constantly, especially about trivial matters.
Synonyms: babbler, prater, spouter, magpie.
Usage: That abominable chatterbox, Evgenie Pavlovitch, monopolizes the whole of the conversation.
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Definition: (adjective) Showing malicious ill will and a desire to hurt; motivated by spite.
Synonyms: vindictive.
Usage: In light of Mr. Smith's spiteful and callous regard for his victims, Judge Davis sentenced him to life in prison.
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Definition: (adjective) Large in amount or extent or degree.
Synonyms: sizable, tidy, hefty, respectable, healthy.
Usage: I was ravenous, so I heaped a goodly portion of mashed potatoes onto my plate and started eating.
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Definition: (noun) An enclosed compartment from which a vessel can be navigated.
Synonyms: wheelhouse.
Usage: Alone in the pilothouse, Captain Anderson enjoyed the tranquil expanse of ocean before him as he silently steered the ship.
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Definition: (noun) Loud confused noise from many sources.
Synonyms: hubbub, katzenjammer, uproar.
Usage: The judge tried in vain to silence the spectators and end the brouhaha in his courtroom.
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