Baby Secrets – Collection List Checklist

Your kiddo will love the anticipation that comes with the Baby Secrets Surprise Single Pack from HeadStart. With this mystery doll set, they won’t know which one of 50 Baby Secrets baby dolls is inside until the set is opened, and they won’t know the gender of their doll until it’s dipped in water to change the baby’s diaper to pink or blue.

Baby Secrets Series 1

Baby Secrets Series 2

Baby Secrets Pets Series 1

Baby Secrets Merbabies Series 1

In addition to the doll, the Baby Secrets surprise pack comes with a bathtub, birth certificate and collector’s guide. Each dolls has a distinct personality aspect that your child will love adding to their toy collection.


  •  Surprise doll set comes with 1 of 50 possible Baby Secrets dolls
  •  Baby doll set includes doll, bathtub, birth certificate and collector’s guide
  •  Color-change diaper reveals baby’s gender when dipped in water



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