Shopkins Happy Places Season 4 – List of Characters / Checklist


Shopkins Happy Places Season 4 Characters

Toys List / Checklist:shopkins-happy-places-season-4-box

Coco Cookie
Pia Puzzle
Ella Rain
Crystal Snow
Poni Crumbles
Bella Bliss
Marsha Mello
Royal Prancer
Tilly Tulip

Shopkins Happy Places Season 4 Playsets

Happy Stables Playset
Happy Home Playset








Royal Garden Party
Pampered Pony Stable







Cozy Kitty School Camp
Berry Delicious Cooking Class


Shopkins Happy Places Season 4 Products


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Shopkins Happy Places Characters Season 4 – Ponicakes



Happiness is a ribbon-winning ride with a stylish rider! A real show pony, this sweet-saddled performer likes to team up with Jessicake. Together they’re the stars of the stables!

From the Happy Stables playset.



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Shopkins Happy Places Play Sets Season 4 – Happy Stables Playset

The Happy Places Shopkins Happy Stables is the perfect space to create a Happy Place for the Lil’ Shoppies’ ponies! Style up your stable with the help of the cute Petkins furniture and accessories! Feed, groom and keep their stables clean to create a great Happy Place!






Happiness is… being a pampered pony! Ponicakes is a total treat to be around. Set up her stable so her Petkins are able to cater for all her needs! Create the perfect room to groom and feed Ponicakes so that it’s a Happy Place with awesome taste!

1 x Stable Playset
1 x Pony
7 x Accessories
1 x Entrance Sign
6 x Fences


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Number of Pieces: 16.0
Dimensions (Overall): 13.0 inches (H) x 4.0 inches (W) x 22.0 inches (L)
Material: Plastic
Includes: Animal figure, figures
Weight: 1.19 pounds





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Shopkins Happy Places Play Sets Season 4 – Happy Home Playset

It’s makeover time in the Happy Home! The Happy Home comes with 4 spacious rooms, an exclusive Pia Puzzle Lil’ Shoppie, 8 exclusive Petkins, a side ladder that connects the two levels, and over 45+ stickers for you to D.I.Y and customize your Happy Home your way! Then when you’re done, invite all the Lil’ Shoppies over to have some fun!
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1 x Playset
1 x Lil’ Shoppie
1 x Doll Stand
1 x Stair
6 x Petkins
45 x Stickers

Number of Pieces: 11.0
Dimensions (Overall): 10.43 inches (H) x 3.86 inches (W) x 11.5 inches (L)
Material: Plastic
Includes: Figures, doll stand, stickers




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Shopkins Happy Places Play Sets Season 4 – Royal Garden Party

Happy Places™ Shopkins™ is a range of super cute miniature Petkins furniture and accessories for you to decorate your Lil’ Shoppies places and bring it to life.
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The Happy Places Shopkins Welcome Packs are the perfect way to add to your Happy Places collection. Each Welcome Pack comes with everything you need to create and decorate an entire room. Select from Stable, School and Home Welcome Packs! There are 1,000s of ways to decorate and display your Happy Place.

Happiness is… Getting majestic with the Petkins and setting up a garden party that every Lil’ Shoppie will want to be invited to! Party under the sun with this Lil ‘Shoppie and her BFFs! It’s going to be totally Outdoorable!

1 x Lil’ Shoppie Doll
1 x Doll Stand
13 x Petkins
2 x Tiles
1 x Catalog

Dimensions (Overall): 5.71 inches (H) x 8.27 inches (W) x 2.83 inches (D)
Material: Plastic



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