Lego Creator Classic Cars

LEGO® Creator Expert Classic Cars

It’s time to hit the highway with this series of beautifully crafted, iconic vehicles. Every model strives to reproduce the distinctive characteristics and unique styling of the original.

The detailing is equally impressive and authentic on the inside, and these engaging sets offer a captivating LEGO building experience for all car enthusiasts.



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Lego Creator World Buildings

LEGO® Creator Expert World Buildings

Take a trip around the world and build some of its most recognizable buildings and structures. These advanced models are some of the largest and most intricate LEGO sets available.

Each set is designed to deliver a challenging yet rewarding building experience and become impressive display pieces when completed.



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Lego Creator Fairground Sets

LEGO® Creator Expert Fairground Sets

Enjoy all the fun of the fairground with these challenging and elaborate models. With their colorful tones and authentic appeal, these sets capture the imagination and bring the charm and nostalgia of the funfair to life.

Most models can be motorized with the addition of LEGO Power Functions, which only adds to the magical experience.



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Lego Creator Seasonal Sets

LEGO® Creator Expert Seasonal Sets

Gather the family together and celebrate the festive season with these charmingly detailed sets.

Each one takes an everyday winter scene and adds a layer of festive fun with a wealth of detail and minifigure characters. It’s the perfect festive LEGO building experience for all the family.


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Lego Powerpuff Girls

LEGO® The Powerpuff Girls™

LEGO® The Powerpuff Girls™ play sets immerse kids in a world of superhero fun and awesome adventures.

They will love playing out scenes from the award-winning Cartoon Network series, and creating their own thrilling stories to share with friends. With LEGO The Powerpuff Girls sets, children can explore a colorful, exciting new world and learn about teamwork, while working together to save the world before bedtime!



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