Fugglers – Funny Ugly Monster – List of Characters

Adopt at Your Own Risk!


Adopt at Your Own Risk!

Step 1

Look deep into the vacant eyes of all the Fugglers up for adoption. Narrow it down to the one that repulses you the least. Or the most – we don’t know your life.

Step 2

Take a hot sec to consider why you’re actively sabotaging your own happiness.

Step 3

Choose to adopt your Fuggler. When you tap ‘Adopt Me!’, we’ll follow his trail of destruction until we track that toothy weirdo down. He’ll probably be gnawing on chicken bones in a dumpster.

Step 4

We will capture your Fuggler using only the most humane and industry-leading Fuggler-wrangling techniques. The Fuggler will bite and fart outrageously.  We will persevere.

Step 5

Your Fuggler will be forcibly stuffed into a Fuggler-proof cardboard travelling box and mailed to your home. He will try to escape that box, so don’t be surprised if it shows up at your door mangled as heck.

Step 6

Remove your Fuggler from its box with great caution. Immediately regret your decision.


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