McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys – June 2017 – Super Mario

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys – June 2017 – Super Mario

If you buy a Happy Meal in the U.S.  through May 22, you’ll get one of eight different recognizable toys: Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Yoshi, Invincible Mario, a Red Koopa Shell or a 1-Up Mushroom. Each of the toys does something special — for instance, one of the Invincible Mario figures is translucent and lights up in various colors.


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Mario, Luigi and others from the Super Mario universe are the newest toys in McDonald’s Happy Meals, from Nintendo.

Selection varies by country, from the various sets around the world that I viewed I found 36 different Super Mario toys in this series:

  1. Waving Mario
  2. Mario Punching Brick
  3. Jumping Mario with Brick Star
  4. Mario Brick Chair
  5. Mario’s Coin
  6. Mario with Pipe
  7. Mario with Goal Pole
  8. Jumping Mario
  9. Fire Mario
  10. Penguin Mario
  11. Boomerang Mario
  12. Invincible Mario
  13. Luigi Launcher
  14. Waving Luigi
  15. Luigi
  16. Fire Luigi
  17. Go Around Luigi
  18. Princess Peach
  19. Princess Peach White Castle
  20. Princess Peach Pink Castle
  21. Peach Parasol
  22. Yoshi
  23. Yoshi Standing
  24. Yoshi’s Egg Sticker
  25. Piranha Plant
  26. Koopa Shell
  27. Bowser Koopa Clown Car
  28. Bowser
  29. Super Mario Connecting Blocks
  30. Donkey Kong
  31. Mushroom Red
  32. Mushroom Green
  33. Toad Sitting
  34. Waving Toad
  35. Goomba Brick Stairs
  36. Scary Boo


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