McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys – January 2017 – SING

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys – January 2017 – SING

Happy Meal toys from the movie Sing with from December 20, 2016 through January 9, 2017.

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This set includes:


Buster Moon: The koala bear who stages the singing competition.  Buster Moon says “Hahahahaha, ya! Gonna spice things up on stage!”.

Rosita: Housewife and mother of 25 piglets.  Rosita sings the first parts of the chorus for “Firework”.

Gunter: Gunter says “Alright, piggy power! Hahahaha!”.

Meena: A timid teenage elephant.  Meena sings parts of the chorus for “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing”.

Ash: Ash sings the first few lyrics of the chorus of “Set It All Free”.

Miss Crawly: Buster’s lizard assistant. Miss Crawly walks when wound up.

Johnny: A young gangster gorilla.  Johnny swings his fist back and forth when his leg is squeezed.


In other countries, 3 additional toys were offered that weren’t available in North America

Eddie: The sheep friend of Buster.  Eddie’s his head can be moved from side to side.

Mike: A street musician mouse.  Mike has a pull-back motor that allows him to move forward for a few seconds.

The Q-Teez: A red pandas trio.  Their hands can be moved up and down by pressing a lever.

View is set by clicking a link below:

| Happy Meal Toys 2017 SING | Buster Moon | Rosita | Gunter | Meena | Ash | Miss Crawly | Johnny | Eddie | Mike | The Q-Teez |


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