McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys – April 2016 – Emoji Plush

McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys – April 2016 – Emoji Plush


There is a complete set of 16 Smilies Happy Meal toys. They each consist of a smiley emoji yellow ball. There are 16 different smiles, frowns and other grimaces.

The toys will be emoji plush toys! They are soft yellow emoji smiley face emoticon round cushion pillow plush toys. There is a full set of 16 emojis.

The complete set consists of:

Smiley #1 Cool!
#2 That’s hilarious!
#3 No Way!
#4 JK! Just Kidding!
#5 That’s GR8! That’s great!
#6 LOL!
#7 whatever
#8 yawn tired!
#9 Can’t wait!
#10 UGHH!
#11 That’s genius!
#12 tee hee hee
#13 So silly!
#14 AHH!
#15 Oh no!
#16 xoxoxo hugs and kisses!

All 16 emoji plush happy meal toys come with a speech bubble that also serves as a clip that you can use to hang your emoji smiley plush anywhere you want. They also come with a disc that says Download McPlay App and also a flyer that shows all 16 emojis smilies that can be collected.


Emoji Coloring and Activity Sheets:


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