PJ Masks Toys and Figures – Owlette

PJ Masks Toys and Figures – Owlette

Owlette, with her sharp mind and super planning skills she’s quick to act. – She can fly, has super eyesight and when she flaps her powerful wings, the bad guys are sent airborne! Keep your “Owl Eyes!” on Owlette! Her Owl Glider can take them all beyond the city streets and with its claws even carry things along with it!


PJ Masks Owlette Light Up Figure
With this PJ Masks action figure, those aged 3 years and up can come to the rescue and save the day.



pj-masks-transforming-owlette.jpgPJ Masks Owlette Transforming Figure Set
Amaya becomes Owlette. Those aged 3 years and up can conquer the world with this PJ Masks action figure.


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