Burger King Jr. Meal Toys 2000 – Wild Thornberrys

Burger King Jr. Meal Toys 2000 – Wild Thornberrys

1. Debbie bobble head figure in Hula skirt and standing on a memory game board. Figure measures approx. 4″ tall and game platform measures approx.
2. Eliza’s card caddy that looks like their RV.  Measures approx. 4″ tall.
3. Rugrats go wild rock, diaper, scissors toy. Measures approx. 3″ x 3″ without the push lever.
4. Rugrats Susie Carmichael picture show. Measures approx. 2.25″ x 3.25″. Turn the wheel in the back to see different pictures in the viewfinder. It also has a button that lights it up in the camera in the front, but it no longer lights up.


  1. Commvee Commotion
  2. Thornberry’s Travelling Trio
  3. Donnie’s Wild Ride
  4. Himalayan Mountain Climber

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