Burger King Jr. Meal Toys 2010 – Prehistoric Pets and Stardoll

Burger King Jr. Meal Toys 2010 – Prehistoric Pets and Stardoll

Burger King Prehistoric Pets and Stardoll kids meal toys are being given away with every Kids Meal purchased at Burger King until the end of October 2010. The Prehistoric Pets and Stardoll promotion runs from October 4 to October 31, 2010. The toys included in the promotion are 4 Prehistoric Pets figures and 8 Stardolls.

The Burger King Prehistoric Pets set includes the following kids meal toys:

Runnin’ Cruncher
– Push and go toy

Squirting Screature
– Add water and push button for squirting action

Strollin’ D-Rex
– Wind up toy

Xtractaurs Hybrid
– Ulimate hybrid dinosaur. Plug Terradactyl onto Xtractaurs back



There are 8 Burger KIng Stardoll paper cut out dolls along with real fabric to mix and match in this set:

Stardoll Movie Theater
Stardoll Park
Stardoll Snow Mountain
Stardoll Party
Stardoll Carnival
Stardoll Dance
Stardoll Beach
Stardoll Runaway


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