Burger King Jr. Meal Toys 2009 – Planet 51

Burger King Jr. Meal Toys 2009 – Planet 51

2009-planet-51-burger-king-jr-toys-animator.jpg 2009-planet-51-burger-king-jr-toys-rollover-buggy.jpg 2009-planet-51-burger-king-jr-toys-chuck-full-of-faces.jpg

The Planet 51 promotion of toys began on November 16 2009 and included 6 character-themed toys and gadgets based on the new animated alien adventure comedy Planet 51 which opens in the US on November 20.

The Burger King Planet 51 kids meal toys set includes the following toys:

Chuck Full of Faces
Action figure. Push down to activate 1 of 4 facial expressions

Rollover Buggy
Wind up toy that circles and flips backwards

Planet 51 Animator
Insert a card and push down lever to activate 4 different images

Planet 51 Humaniac
Action figure that has a movable eye and arms

Planet 51 Univeral Projector
Project 6 images from the movie. Labels to decorate projector.

Peepin’ Rover
Wind up toy to activate cam eye and solar panel

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