Crate Creatures Surprise! – Snort Hog

Crate Creatures Surprise Snort Hog

Break into the crate to unbox your new beast friend. Pull their tongues for monstrously fun sounds and gross noises. Record and yak back phrases with your Crate Creatures Surprise!

Snort Hog comes in his own crate equipped with a crowbar to unleash the beast. Pull his tongue and Snort Hog will vibrate and make gross and funny noises. Turn Snort Hog upside down or tip him over for unique creature sounds. He flaps his arms when you shake his tail and makes chomping noises when you feed him his frozen treat. Put Snort Hog back in his crate and unleash him over and over.


Use the crowbar to pop the lock and open your creatures crate. Pull his tongue and creature vibrates, makes fun noises and has glowing eyes.

  • Motion sensor inside creature reacts when they’re upside down, knocked over, or laying down.
  • Record your voice and creature will play back your message in creature voice!


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