Shopkins Season 7 – List / Checklist

Shopkins Season 7 brings all new Party themed Shopkins to collect, including all new topkins that can be stacked together to create a tower of cakes, a head-to-toe outfit, and more!

Stackable figures
This set’s party-themed Shopkins are worth celebrating. The all-new Topkins can be stacked together to create a scrumptious tower of cakes or a head-to-toe outfit.

Shopkins Season 7 – List / Checklist:

Shopkins Season 7 – 12 Pack

Disco Party Team
Fancy Dress Party Team
Hollywood Team
Picnic Party Team
PJ Party Team
Princess Party Team
Summer Pool Party Team
Surprise Party Team
Wedding Party Team



Shopkins Season 7 Play Sets:

Lipstick Vanity


Shopkins Season 7 Products:




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