Shopkins Season 9 – Fluffy Shoppets – Squeak Sweetie

This season it’s time to discover your WILD STYLE! Season 9 introduces a new addition to the Shopkins’ World – Shoppets! Shoppies new pawtastic best friends! Join in the adventure as Shoppets introduce their new best friends to the world of Pawville, where life is pawsome! Be inspired by their Wild Style featuring a fabulously furry finish and stylish outfits inspired by the things they love. Collect the matching Shoppie and Shopkins to complete the tribe!


A true romantic, Squeak Sweetie puts her heart into everything she does, especially when it comes to matchmaking! There’s nothing sweeter than when you meet her because she’s never afraid of saying “I Love You!” With her Heart ‘n’ Seekers, they never miss a beat. They’re all real Sweethearts!  Squeak Sweetie Shoppet with Wizzy Wheel Shopkin.

1 x Shoppet (Bunny Bow)
1 x Shopkin
1 x Collectors Guide
1 x Shoppet Stand


| Fluffy Shoppets Tribe Team |

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