Shopkins Season 9 – Unicorn Dust Tribe Team

Shopkins Season 9 – Unicorn Dust Tribe Team

This season it’s time to discover your WILD STYLE! Season 9 introduces a new addition to the Shopkins’ World – Shoppets! Shoppies new pawtastic best friends! Join in the adventure as Shopkins and Shoppies discover Shoppets’ world of Pawville, where life is pawsome! The Shoppets have been inspiring the Shopkins and Shoppies with their Wild Style!

The Unicorn Dust Tribe Team Includes:

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Cheeky Chocolate
Buncho Bananas
Strawberry Kiss
Kooky Cookie
Miss Pressy
D’Lish Donut
Melonie Pips
Poppy Corn
Apple Blossom
Handbag Harriet
Lippy Lulu
Twinkle Cupcake


Twinkle Cupcake and some old friends have come together to form the Shopkins Unicorn Fan Club! She’s sprinkled everyone with Unicorn dust and now they sparkle just like her!
Come and join the club and chase some rainbows because when friends get together, magic really can happen!

12 x Special Edition Unicorn Dust Shopkins

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