Num Noms Snackables Series 1 – List Checklist

Num Noms Snackables makes playing with your “food” fun! Unbox an explosion of adorable, bite-sized “snacks”! They’re deliciously cute but don’t eat them!

Which Num Noms Snackables Collectible Cereal will you get? It’s a surprise! Stir the scented magic “milk” spoon in water for a surprise! The water turns into colorful scented “milk” and there’s a hidden surprise inside the spoon – a special edition character!

Little Dippers Veggies

Little Dippers Sweets

Little Dippers Fruits

Little Dippers Fries

Little Dippers Cookies

Little Dippers Cheese

Dippers Scented Secret Sauces

Cereals Wheat Crisps

Cereals Scented Magic Milk

Cereals Rings

Cereals Puffs

Cereals Marshmallows

Cereals Flakes

Cereals Checkers

Big Dippers Waffles

Big Dippers Veggies

Big Dippers Pretzels

Big Dippers Marshmallows

Big Dippers Fruits

Big Dippers Fries

Big Dippers Cookies

Big Dippers Chips

Collect all the cereal families: marshmallows, wheat crisps, flakes, puffs, and more! Each Num Noms Snackables Collectible Cereal bowl includes 12 cereal Num Noms, including one special edition character hidden inside the scented magic “milk” spoon, one reusable cereal bowl, and collector’s menu. Collect them all!


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