Num Noms Surprise in a Jar – List Checklist

A cupful of cuteness and a spoonful of surprise make Num Noms. To create your own flavor fusion, mix a Num and a Nom. It’s a recipe for sweetness with so many scented combos. Num Noms are the cutest, mini dishes! And they smell SO delicious!

Num Noms Surprise In A Jar are so sweet and huggable that you’ll want to collect them all. They’re scented and smell so delicious! Mason Jar they come in doubles as a piggy bank or storage for your Num Noms collection!

Wave 1:

Connie Confetti
Van Minty
Candie Puffs
Tropi-Cali Pop
Nana Berry
Raspberry Cream


Wave 2:

Ama Ebi
Pinky Puffs
Sprinkles Donut
Sadie Seeds
Sara S’mores
Bella Bubblegum
Sugar Puffs
Sugary Glaze
Rainbow Pop
Goldie Cake


Wave 3:

Mrs. Icing
Raz Sugar
O.J. Bear
B. Razz Bear

A lot of scented combinations

Create a recipe of sweetness with so many scented combos.

Collectible jar

Mix and match Num Noms to create sweet, scented recipes.

Soft and squishy

Come in adorable food-themed surprise jars.


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