Num Noms Mystery Sweet Treats – List Checklist

The Mystery Sweet Treats Mega Pack is a Target exclusive set containing 25 never-before-seen characters.

A cupful of cuteness and a spoonful of surprise make Num Noms. To create your own flavor fusion, mix a Num and a Nom. It’s a recipe for sweetness with so many scented combos. Num Noms are the cutest, mini dishes! And they smell SO delicious!

Scented Nums are adorable, squishy characters with tons of personality. Noms are two-flavored lip gloss! Stack the Nums on top of the Noms to make 3,000+ sweet scented combinations. Mix and match Num Noms to create sweet, scented recipes that smell so delicious!

Num Noms Mystery Sweet Treats includes 25 all new, exclusive Num Noms. Each 2 colored Num is a deliciously sweet scent that pairs perfectly with the 2 flavored gloss-up Noms. These sugary treats will satisfy your sweet tooth; they smell so delicious!

Mystery Sweet Treats:

M-001 Wild Wally
M-004 Rylee Razzy
M-007 Swirly Shirley
M-010 Mango Sparkle
M-013 Miley Mallow
M-016 Berry Pop
M-019 Pineapple Jelly
M-022 Priscilla Peach
M-002 Autumn Cream
M-005 Sweetie S’mores
M-008 Mystery Monica
M-011 Ice Cream Sammy
M-014 Citrus Pop
M-017 Lemon Pop
M-020 C.C. Puffs
M-003 C.C. Splits
M-006 Precious Peach
M-009 Velvet Stripes
M-012 Pinky Mallow
M-015 Bubbly Pop
M-018 Sugar Jelly
M-021 Bubbly Puffs


M-023 C.C. Gloss-Up
M-024 Nilla Berry Gloss-Up
M-025 Berry Vanilla Gloss-Up



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