Num Noms Snackables Series 2 Silly Shakes – List of Characters / Checklist

Num Noms Snackables makes playing with your “food” fun! Unbox an explosion of adorable, bite-sized “snacks!” They’re deliciously cute but don’t eat them! Now you can play with your “drinks” too with Num Noms Silly Shakes! Dig into the scented Silly Shakes slime to find hidden Num Noms inside! Which Num Noms Snackables will you get? It’s a surprise! Silly Shakes slime comes in so many different textures and scents.

Mix and match layers to create the ultimate Silly Shake! Collect them all!
3 Num Noms
3 Scented slimes in 6 different textures
1 Collectible cup
1 Spoon
Collector’s menu


Silly Shakes

Big Bites Cookies

Big Bites Fruits

Big Bites Lollipops

Little Bites Candy Corn

Little Bites Chocolate

Little Bites Chocolate Bites

Little Bites Cookies

Little Bites Fruits

Little Bites Gummy Bears

Little Bites Heart Candies


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