Soft’n Slo Squishies Series 1 Costume Cutiez – List Checklist

Mix and match squishy characters and cute costumes.

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Each Soft’n slo Squishies Costume Cuties comes with a super cute character that squishes into a cute costume. Squish and squeeze your Dino into its cute Lion costume, and host a Costume Cutiez dress up party!

  • Encourages make-believe play
  • Collect each set to mix and match characters and costumes
  • Includes one slow rising character and adorable costume

Costume Cutiez:

87272-00 Bear Costume and Bunny Cutiez
87272-00 Bunny Costume and Tiger Cutiez
87272-00 Lion Costume and Dino Cutiez
87272-00 Racoon Costume and Bear Cutiez
87272-00 Duck Costume and Cat Cutiez
87272-00 Tiger Costume and Duck Cutiez



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