Shopkins Season 10 Mini Packs – Bakery List of Characters / Checklist

Shopkins Season 10 Mini Packs – Bakery List of Characters / Checklist:

Bakery List of Characters Includes:

Baked Bites CE-153
Bread Head CE-054
Cake Collection CE-161
Candy Cookie CE-041
Carrie Carrot Cake CE-032
Cheese Louise CE -052
Choco Lava CE-047
Cookie Favorites CE-156
Creamy Bun-Bun CE-044
Croissant d’Or CE-048
Crunchy Cookies CE-160
Cupcake Chic CE-040
Cupcake Creations CE-155
Cupcake Time CE-158
D’lish Donut CE-037
Divine Cakes CE-165
Fairy Crumbs CE-051
Fifi Fruit Tart CE-056
Flutter Cake CE-049
Fresh Bread CE-154
Fresh Cakes CE-159
Kooky Cookie CE-035
Lana Banana Bread CE-055
Macca Roon CE-033
Mary Muffin CE-053
Mini Muffin CE-042
Mini Treats CE-164
Nilla Slice CE-045
Oven Fresh CE-151
Party Cakes CE-162
Patty Cake CE-050
Queen of Tarts CE-036
Rainbow Bite CE-046
Sconnie CE-034
Tart Treats CE-152
Tasty Bakes CE-150
Tasty Tarts CE-163
Toastie Bread CE-039
Wendy Wedding Cake CE-043
Wishes CE-038



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