Shopkins Lil’ Secrets – Rainbow Kate’s Bedroom Hideaway

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The bedroom where Rainbow Kate dreams is not all that it seems! Come to a slumber party full of surprises and discover a mini world of secrets and fun! Rainbow Kate’s Bedroom Hideaway is waiting to be explored. This 2 in 1 playset opens up to reveal a tiny bedroom of secrets to play in! Hidden away is a Deluxe Secret Bedroom for your Teeny Rainbow Kate Shoppie to play in! Flip down the hidden desk behind Rainbow Kate’s closet or discover the hidden movie theater inside Rainbow Kate’s pillow! This playset comes with Rainbow Kate Shoppie Doll, Teeny Rainbow Kate Shoppie and one Tiny Shopkin – Sleep Mask. Rainbow Kate’s Bedroom Hideaway is a place of slumber that’s filled with tiny wonders!

Rainbow Kate’s Bedroom Hideaway

Product Features:
• 2 in 1 playset
• There’s a tiny world inside!
• Exclusive rainbow kate shoppie!
• Exclusive 1 teeny shoppie and 1 tiny shopkin!
• Will you find the deluxe secret bedroom?


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