Shopkins Lil’ Secrets – Shoppies – Shoppie – Donatina

Shoppie – Donatina


The Shoppies are on their biggest little adventure yet! Discover the mysteries of their magical lockets and unlock a secret miniature new world!
* Comes with a wearable Lil’ Secrets Locket and necklace so you can take your Lil’ Secret wherever you go!
* Discover new Teeny Shoppies inside each locket plus a Tiny Shopkin!
* Follow Donatina into her mini world as she serves up some teeny donut delights with sugary surprises!
1 x Shoppie
1 x Lil Secrets Locket
1 x Teeny Shoppie
1 x Necklace
1 x Mini Secret Diary
1 x Doll Stand

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