The Grossery Gang Series 4 – Products – Gooey Chewie – Bug Strike Action Figure

Gooey Chewie is powered up and ready to stick it to the Bug Army! Crude and chewed, he’s a “Top Gum” with his sloppy slingshot and can’t wait to fling some drool the bug’s way! He’s ready for a night attack with his Glow in the Dark powers. Gooey will never run from a fight and always sticks by his fellow fighters.

Product Features:
– Grossery Gang action figures, with fully articulating joints, are back to take on the bugs!
– Comes ready for combat with a weapon
– SPECIAL ATTACK – Switch off the lights and see Gooey’s Gross Glow! He really sticks out in the dark
– Includes exclusive collectable Grossery
– Collect all 6


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