The Grossery Gang Series 5 – Products – 2 in 1 Gross Glow Assault Vehicle

*Toys “R” Us Exclusive

Cyber-slop Pizza has returned from the future with a toxic glow transformation! Now he can conduct “Sloppy Night Ops” against the Grosseries in his glowing assault vehicle! Launch a night-time splat attack in the dark! Fire missiles from the Roof Rack Rocket Launchers! Use the grappling hook and winch when you’re stuck in the muck! Then transform into “Night Flight” mode and get off the road for an ambush!

Product Features:
• Includes Exclusive Glow in the Dark action figure, mini figure & weapon
• Transforms into Night Flight Mode!
• Glow in the Dark
• Pull yourself out of trouble with the grappling hook and winch


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