The Grossery Gang Series 5 – Products – Powered Up Gooey Chewie – Action Figure

Gooey Chewie is powered up and ready to take on the Rotbots! He is a Kung-Goo master who can stick it to the enemy with his icky ninja skills! He moves in silence as he sneaks up on his target and launches a surprise saliva attack! Gooey Chewie has the drool that rules!

Product Features:
• Each Action figure come with their own Exclusive Grossery Gang weapon.
• All action figures are full articulated and work with the Chomp ‘n’ Chew Trash-O-Saur and the 2 in 1 Rot Bot Assault Vehicle!
• Collect all three Action Figs from wave 1 – Putrid Pizza, Gooey Chewie and Cyber Slop Pizza!


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