The Grossery Gang Series 5 – Products – Time Wars Regular Pack

The Grossery Gang are back and ready for the Grossest battle of all time! Gather Grosseries from different time periods and help them defeat The Rotbots from the future!

Product Features:
• The Time Wars Regular Pack comes with 3 Grosseries on display with one hidden surprise Grossery.
• Each Grossery comes with their own weapon.
• Also included is one Icky Flick Plunger so you can flick your Grosseries into battle!
• Includes Rotten Receipt with games booklet!
• Look out for the Limited Edition Fossil Grosseries! Or will you find the Ultra Rare Rotbot Grosseries?
• There are 150 characters to collect over Series 5!
•And don’t forget to download the “Grossery Game” Free App!


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