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Treasure X Adventure Pack


Be a Real Treasure Hunter Searching For Real Treasure


  • Will you find REAL GOLD dipped treasure?
  • Surprise-reveal collectible with 10 levels of adventure:
    1. Find the Map
    2. Rip the Gold Layer
    3. Use the coin on your quest
    4. Uncover the digging tool
    5. Dig and chip the rock
    6. Discover bones and weapons
    7. Build your Treasure Hunter
    8. Find the Treasure Chest
    9. Add water to fizz
    10. Reveal your Treasure!
  • 24 action figures to reveal and collect
  • Dig through the brick to find a skeleton figure guarding his treasure chest
  • Pour water on the chest to uncover your treasure piece with a fizzing reaction
  • 8 different teams of characters to collect
  • Contains: 1x Character, 1x Rock Vessel, 1x Weapon , 1x Tool, 1 x Treasure Chest, 1 x Treasure, 1 x Map / Collector’s Guide, 1 x Medallion, 1 x Scrolls
  • 1 in 18 chance to find real gold dipped treasure


    • Get ready for the ultimate treasure hunt with Treasure X! Search for real gold through layer after layer of pirate adventure with this surprise-reveal collectible.
    • Rip, dig, fizz and build on your hunt for gold!
    • Dig through the soft rock of the Treasure X brick to reveal a collectible skeleton figure and a mysterious treasure chest that might just contain treasure dipped in real gold! Chisel through the brick using the plastic X-cavator tool until you find your prize, and then add water to the chest to uncover your treasure with a fizzing reaction.
    • Will you reveal the treasure dipped real gold, or end up with the plastic treasure piece?
    • Snap together the pieces of your Treasure X figure to build a surprise skeleton character with an epic head-piece, medallion, fearsome weapon and awesome design.
    • With 24 figures to collect and the chance to uncover gold in any box, you’ll want to keep searching where X marks the spot. Collect and swap 8 different teams of characters!
  • The Treasure X single pack includes an X-cavator tool, a soft rock brick containing a buildable character, a weapon, a treasure chest, a medallion, a scroll and a collector’s treasure map to help you find them all.


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