McDonald’s Happy Meal Books – Loula and Mister the Monster

Loula and Mister the Monster

Written by: Anne Villeneuve
Illustrated by: Anne Villeneuve
Series: Loula

Loula panics when she overhears Mama saying, “I can’t live with that … that MONSTER anymore!” She knows Mama must be talking about Mister, Loula’s beloved dog, who can be “a little too messy, a little too clumsy and a little too hungry … a LOT of the time.” Loula tells Mister, “If you don’t stop with the bad manners, Mama will throw you out, like an old pair of shoes!” And what would Loula do without Mister? She’s just going to have to find a way to transform Mister the monster “into the most perfect little dog no mama can resist.” But will lessons at Loula’s School of Good Manners be enough? Or will the job prove to be too big, even for Loula?

This endearing picture book from award-winning creator Anne Villeneuve is the third story about Loula, a charming and spirited little girl destined to be a classic heroine. The warm and witty narrative combined with the emotion, energy and clever details packed into the ink and watercolor illustrations make for a perfect read-aloud. Loula’s unique blend of imagination and enthusiasm in response to her problems offers an empowering model for children. This title would be an excellent choice for character education lessons on taking initiative and exhibiting resilience in facing up to difficulties. Also, the sweet relationship between Loula and the ever-patient Gilbert — the family chauffeur, who assists with her dog training — is a tribute to the power of positive adult attention.



Series » Loula

Award-winning author-illustrator Anne Villeneuve’s funny stories star a charming, irrepressible heroine and her loyal sidekick, Gilbert (the family chauffeur). Loula’s special blend of imagination and verve, and her unique approach to solving problems, make for a playful take on positive themes of resilience, initiative and resourcefulness. 


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