Burger King Jr. Meal Toys 1996 – Timmons & Pumba

Burger King Jr. Meal Toys 1996 – Timmons & Pumba


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Timon – Turn Timon’s head left and rifht so he can watch for bugs n’ stuff. Or move his arms up and down so he can wave at Pumbaa.

Bug-Munchin’ Pumbaa – Give the string a pull and watch Pumbaa slurp up his favorite food – BUGS!

Super-Secret Compass – Whether you’re out in the pridelands or just out on theplayground, you’ll never get lost with this cool compass in hand! It even has a special compartment to hide your valuables in, but – sssshhh! – It’s a secret!

Pumbaa – Move Pumbaa’s legs and help him find those bugs he craves.


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