Baby Secrets Pets Series 1 – Collection List Checklist

There’s a new surprise waiting inside every Baby Secrets Pets single pack. Open up the water barrel to reveal a surprise Pets figure, each one with a different personality. Then fill the tub with water, and watch the pet’s nappy change colour when put in. Pack includes one Pet figure.
  • Discover a new secret with the Baby Secrets Pets Mystery Tub Series 1
  • Fill the tub up with room temperature water and dip your pet to reveal if it is a male or female
  • Which pet will you find? There are 32 to collect. Is your pet a Common, Rare or Ultra-rare? Or maybe it is a Limited Edition Sparkly Corby!
  • Name your pet and make it official by writing it down on the included birth certificate
  • The pet figure is articulated with moveable limbs


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