Despicable Me – Minions Blind Bag / Pack Series 2

Despicable Me – Minions Blind Bag / Pack Series 2

Everyone’s favorite Minions are about to unleash some major chaos with the Mega Bloks Despicable Me™ Buildable Minions Blind Packs Series 2.


Build your own loyal following and collect twelve popular Minion characters, each with their own special accessory and unique theme. They come in a blind pack, so you never know which one you will get. You can customize your Minions and mix and match overalls, goggles, accessories, even arms and feet!



  • Twelve mystery buildable Minion character figures that you can customize with interchangeable accessories, sold separately
  • Each Minion comes with distinct, highly detailed features and themes to collect
  • Combine with other Mega Bloks Despicable Me™ playsets to build your own Minion mischief!

despicable-me-minions-blind-bag-pack-series-2-figures-01.jpg despicable-me-minions-blind-bag-pack-series-2-figures-02.jpg despicable-me-minions-blind-bag-pack-series-2-figures-03.jpg despicable-me-minions-blind-bag-pack-series-2-figures-04.jpg despicable-me-minions-blind-bag-pack-series-2-figures-05.jpg despicable-me-minions-blind-bag-pack-series-2-figures-06.jpg despicable-me-minions-blind-bag-pack-series-2-figures-07.jpg despicable-me-minions-blind-bag-pack-series-2-figures-08.jpg despicable-me-minions-blind-bag-pack-series-2-figures-09.jpg despicable-me-minions-blind-bag-pack-series-2-figures-10.jpg despicable-me-minions-blind-bag-pack-series-2-figures-11.jpg


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