Hatchimals Colleggtibles Family Tree Cloud Cove Season 1

Hatchimals Colleggtibles Family Tree Cloud Cove

Each Hatchimal has glittery wings and belongs to a unique family. Based on the colored speckled egg you can tell which family your Hatchimal belongs to before they hatch.  Each egg features different colored speckles, indicating where they are from, including a forest, farm, savannah, and more. Kids can rub the heart on the egg until it is pink, and then pinch the egg open to reveal their bird-creature hybrid with fabulous glittery wings.

Lets look at the Cloud Cove Family:


The Cloud Cove Family set includes:

1 – Cloud Draggle
2 – Cloud Kittycan
3 – Cloud Leoriole
4 – Cloud Pigpiper
5 – Cloud Ponette
6 – Cloud Puppit

Cloud Dragglehatchimals-colleggtibles-family-special-cloud-cove-Cloud-Draggle.png Cloud Puppithatchimals-colleggtibles-family-special-cloud-cove-Cloud-Puppit.png Cloud Ponettehatchimals-colleggtibles-family-special-cloud-cove-Cloud-Ponette.png Cloud Pigpiperhatchimals-colleggtibles-family-special-cloud-cove-Cloud-Pigpiper.png Cloud Leoriolehatchimals-colleggtibles-family-special-cloud-cove-Cloud-Leoriole.png Cloud Kittycanhatchimals-colleggtibles-family-special-cloud-cove-Cloud-Kittycan.png

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