Num Noms Mystery Makeup – List Checklist

Num Noms Mystery Makeup are the newest Num Noms to pop into town! Unbox these adorable surprises in a bottle to find all new Yummy characters with a makeup surprise inside. You could find nail polish, shimmer, body spray, or lotion, and they all smell so delicious! Each Mystery Makeup comes with a lip gloss Nom. The bottle doubles as a house and playset, and also includes a cute plate stand. Collect all the cosmetics and adorable characters.


  • Num Noms Mystery Makeup includes new Yummy characters with a makeup surprise inside!
  • Find nail polish, shimmer, body spray, or lotion, all of them are scented!
  • Comes in molded plastic bottle that doubles as a house and playset.
  • Also includes lip gloss Nom pet and plate stand for Yummy character.
  • Collect all the adorable Yummy characters and surprise cosmetics.

Mystery Makeup Includes:

Yummy Dottie and Sun-fetti
Yummy Sweetcakes and Candy Cakes
Yummy Phil and Choco Glaze
Yummy Creamie and Shortcake Kitty
Yummy Flapjack and Naner Cakes
Yummy P.B. and Grizzly Grape
Yummy Jellie and Jammy Jam
Yummy Buttermilk and Meowberry


Num Noms Mystery Makeup Merchandise:


Num Noms Mystery Makeup Checklist:


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